Comic 38 - Issue 2 Page 2

14th Jan 2018, 11:41 AM in Issue 2
Issue 2 Page 2
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wildcard 14th Jan 2018, 11:41 AM edit delete
Handily our escapee doesn't even have to cross that rickety old rope bridge!

Updates every Sunday :)


trad118 14th Jan 2018, 9:42 PM edit delete reply
I'm guessing this isn't a town preparing for a festival of some sort.

Or if it is, not exactly a festival in the most common definition.
wildcard 17th Jan 2018, 8:24 PM edit delete reply
Just wait till you see the festivities ;)
Miaubol 16th Jan 2018, 12:52 PM edit delete reply
uhg the whole village is turned into ... I'm not quite sure what D:
wildcard 17th Jan 2018, 8:23 PM edit delete reply
At least there are smiles all round ;D
StLOrca 5th Feb 2018, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
He won the the Shirley Jackson sense of the word.
wildcard 8th Apr 2018, 7:11 PM edit delete reply
All by virtue of wanting to leave!
chris-tar 8th Apr 2018, 6:09 PM edit delete reply
This is the village of the damned!
wildcard 8th Apr 2018, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
DAMNED-right heh ehehe... Yeah, I'll get my coat...
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